About us

Rača vineyards are situated in perhaps the best-known wine region of Slovakia. They are spread on the southern slopes of the Small Carpathians at an altitude of 150 – 300 meters above sea level.

Villa Vino Rača is the successor of rich traditions in this area, which is wine growing and the production of quality wines. The focus of the company's range, which by production is a medium-sized winemaker, are quality varietal white and red wines and under conditions and quality, also wines with special attributes.

At present Villa Vino Rača grows on 27 hectares of vineyards. In the manufacturing process, it fully utilizes advanced technology for controlled fermentation (clearing must and subsequent yeasting of must using pure yeast culture at max. 20 °C). In the case of perfectly ripened grapes harvested in small containers, uniquely in Slovakia they use a checking table where the harvested grapes are again checked and if necessary damaged grapes are removed so as to ensure the excellent quality of the final product. The result of strict observance of technological processes is maximally balanced wines that have not only a clean scent with a strong varietal character, but also a fresh and delicious taste. Thanks to these attributes, Rača wine is also popular among the most discerning consumers and lovers of this drink of kings.

The high quality of our wines is the result of an ideal combination of three factors - maintaining the traditional quality of wines on the market, properly selecting and applying marketing strategies and a forward-looking business policy. Villa Vino Rača was the first Slovak winemaker to boast a quality label, which as part of the National Program of Support for Domestic Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs at the Ministry of Agriculture, was granted to the products, Račianska Frankovka and Veltlínske zelené, which meet the strictest requirements of the European Union.